Change of seasons

28.10.2018 This time of the year – especially after a fabulous summer – I hate changing into the heavier trousers. I love my linen pants and I find that with a trouserslip I can get a few more months out of the brighter colours before the muted tones take over. I went out for a walk yesterday and I was frozen. It was 4 degrees with a wind chill. I made the classic error of thinking; “oh, it’s not that cold [...]

The Nudescovery Woman

The Nudescovery Woman Welcome to The Nudescovery Woman conversation.  As we are launching our new website with a completely new look, we thought that you would like a say on how we do things and what product works particularly well for you or how you use a product. For example I love my trouserslip but I wear it inside out all the time.  I prefer the feel of it and I rationalise it by saying that if I bought a pair [...]