Shopping early for Christmas

Dear Customers This year I am going to try and get organised early for Christmas.  I say that every year but I mean it this year – hence the early email! Now that you have had a chance to use the new website I hope you like it. We got very good feedback and  customers find it easier to navigate. The prices remain the same as they have for many years.  The only change is in the cost of postage but that [...]

Saints and Scholars

I am not particularly religious but St Brigid has always held a fascination for me. I think it has to do the promise of Spring. Apart from being the second patron saint of Ireland, St. Brigid is also the patron saint for babies; blacksmiths; boatmen; cattle; chicken farmers; children whose parents are not married; dairymaids; dairy workers; fugitives; infants; mariners; midwives; milk maids; poultry raisers; printing presses; sailors; scholars; travellers; watermen; creativity scholars and poets.(google).  And now I love [...]

Some of Your Comments about the Trouserslip

“Great for golf,”  Carol “I have a skin problem and find them great, I recommend them at the hospital that I attend.”  Aideen “Better than tights,  prefer the silk as they are warmer.” Fiona “The trousers fall better and you look good and feel better with a trouserslip.” Ita “Stops clothes clinging,” “Pains in my knees – they are always cold.  For lighter pants i.e. linen, they don’t crease as much with the trouserslip.” Eileen  

The Nudescovery Woman

The Nudescovery Woman Welcome to The Nudescovery Woman conversation.  As we are launching our new website with a completely new look, we thought that you would like a say on how we do things and what product works particularly well for you or how you use a product. For example I love my trouserslip but I wear it inside out all the time.  I prefer the feel of it and I rationalise it by saying that if I bought a pair [...]