Shopping early for Christmas

Dear Customers

This year I am going to try and get organised early for Christmas.  I say that every year but I mean it this year – hence the early email!

Now that you have had a chance to use the new website I hope you like it. We got very good feedback and  customers find it easier to navigate.

The prices remain the same as they have for many years.  The only change is in the cost of postage but that is out of my control

The Silk Trouserslip is e55.00  and e31.00 for the poly

The Silk Camisole is e45.00 and e25.00 for the poly.

The Silk French Knickers is e45.00  and e25.00 for the poly.

The Silk Full Slip is  e55.00  and e30.00 for the poly

The Silk Half Slip is e45.00  and e25.00 for the poly   is the web site, is my email address

and 02950383 or 0868163373 are my phone numbers

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All prices are exclusive of postage €3.00 in Ireland and €5.00 for the rest of the world

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Many thanks for your continued custom and I really appreciate it when you refer customers to me.

Yours sincerely


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